I’m happy to say that the studio is finally open after the Covid-19 lockdown! Saying it has been hectic is an understatement, with having to cancel and reschedule a lot of shoots. Luckily, all my lovely clients have been ever so patient, understanding and pleasant about the entire situation!

Despite it being a strange, challenging and worrying time for us all, I managed to dedicate my time to my family, spending it with my kids, dog and husband in a way that we haven’t been able to in a very long time. And despite homeschooling, working from home, managing what feels like 20 meals a day, an endless clutter of toys and stepping on lego 3 times a day, we have managed to keep smiles on our faces and strawberries in our mouths!

A few things have changed in regards to the way I will run my shoots and my viewings. A full description can be found here, but below is a brief explanation of what will change in accordance to the government guidelines and laws.

Additional guests are not allowed at the shoot as the studio is not big enough to maintain 1m distance for more than 2 adults. Where another parent or family member would like to be a part of the pictures, we would then take those shots either at the start of the shoot or the end of the shoot so as to limit close contact.

All those attending the shoot will have to wear face masks during the shoot, which I will provide. Hands will have to be sanitised at the start of the shoot and during the shoot by both of us, which I will also provide. Shoes will have to be removed either outside the studio and coats and bags will have to left near the front door, inside.

Unfortunately, I can no longer provide refreshments in order to prevent any cross-contamination, so I would recommend that you bring any snacks or drink that you would like for yourself.

If you, a family member or someone you have been in contact with has shown ANY symptoms of Covid-19 within the last 14 days, please let me know. I deal with newborn babies who are vulnerable, other children and have little ones of my own and I must act accordingly. If you, a family member or someone you have been in contact with has had Covid-19 in the past 30 days, if you could please let me know as well.

I will now leave a gap of 24 hours in between shoots so has to maintain a thorough and additional cleaning and disinfecting process. All props and items used in the shoot will be sanitised, disinfected and cleaned appropriately. All clothes, blankets and wraps will be washed in high heat and disinfected. The entire studio will be disinfected and cleaned down accordingly to prevent cross-contamination (this includes doors, seating area, walls that may have been touched and other high-contact areas).

Despite all of this, I’m very excited to be back at work and taking pictures of little cuties!

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