Lockdown Summer

I was looking back on pictures from last year to add them to my ‘lockdown memories’ folder and I didn’t realise how much the little ones have grown! Last lockdown was quite amazing (compared to the 3rd one we had). There was sunshine, BBQs, gardening, no home-schooling and a lot of family time. We spent a lot of time growing fruit and vegetables and enjoyed watching the kids pick and eat strawberries straight from the garden! I wish I had my camera out a lot more to document every little thing!

Always take pictures, even if it’s just on your phone and not the best. Time flies so fast that you will always regret that you didn’t take more. And better than that, make sure you’re always in them, too! šŸ™‚

Cute boy eating strawberries photography
Cheeky boy looking at camera
Documentary photo of girl eating soup
Dog having a shower documentary photography
Smiling girl in photoshoot
Boy painting documentary photoshoot
Girl painting fence
Dog looking through fence photo
Baby looking at camera photoshoot
Girl outdoors photoshoot in Coventry
Girl painting in lifestyle photo
Rottweiler outdoors in professional shoot
Baby boy smiling