Terms and Conditions


Photo session times are stated in the relevant information for each session type. Please keep in mind that there may be times where the session might end early or carry on over estimated times for whatever reason. If you have prior arrangements, please let me know so that everything suits your schedule. This is your session, so do not hesitate to stop it whenever you need to.

If the shoot does not go as planned, I am more than happy to reschedule. This includes when a little one is not happy to take pictures, is unwell or uncooperative and I have not been able to get enough pictures. It also includes emergencies or last minute change of plans. If this happens, I will happily reschedule at no extra cost. This will only be at my own discretion.

If there are any shots you would like me to try, please let me know prior to the shoot so that I can prepare accordingly. Please note, not all poses and shots are guaranteed. All children and babies are different and all shoots run differently. I will try my best to capture what shots you would like but it is not guaranteed.

You will be asked to sign a contract prior to your session, which will include these terms and conditions. This will be either electronically or on paper.

You are not allowed to take images or photos during the session without prior permission.


A non-refundable booking fee of £50 is required to secure your photo session date and another £50 is due on or before the day of the session. These are not additional costs and it will be deducted from the final package that you decide to purchase. The remainder of the cost is due on the day of the viewing or before.

The initial £50 deposit paid during booking is non-refundable. If you need to re-arrange your date, I am quite flexible and more than happy to do so. Please let me know within 24-48 hours. You are allowed to change your appointment twice within the notice period, if you decide to change the date a third time, a new deposit of £50 will have to be made payable again. You must purchase the minimum package from each shoot that you have.

Payment can be made by either a BACS transfer, cash or via PayPal. PayPal payments will incur a 3% charge.

Payment for any images or products purchased will be due on the day of the viewing and are non-refundable once payment has been made due to the nature of the service. I can only release images once I have received payment. If you purchase a product (e.g. albums), I would need payment for it at the time of the order and it is non-refundable.

Payments or part-payments that are made as a gift by a third party can only be refunded when a refund is due (upon agreement of Baby Bear Photography and the original client). A gift payment cannot be refunded upon request of the payee. If a refund is due, then payment will be refunded to the individual who has made the payment, accordingly. A gift payment cannot be exchanged for cash.

Pre-payment plans are also available. You are allowed to make monthly instalments leading up until the date of your session and viewing. This is quite common and you will receive acknowledgement for each payment made. Images cannot be released until the full payment has been made. Kindly let me know if you would like to consider this and we can go through details.

No refunds or exchanges can be made due to the unique nature of the service and products received. Package prices are set and cannot be discounted. Products in packages cannot be removed in exchange for a discount.

Image and Product Processing Time

Processing time of digital images can take up to 3 weeks. I will do my best to have your images ready as soon as possible, but the time frame is there in case of delays. For any products purchased, it takes up to 4 weeks for process to complete. As soon as images/products are ready, I will contact you to let you know that they are ready to collect. 

I take as many images as possible during a session and they are short-listed during the culling process. I use my artistic and technical discretion to keep the best ones to fully edit and the rest are permanently deleted. Edited images are given in JPEG format only. A fully edited gallery can have an average of 25-35 digital images, depending on how well the session goes (this can also include a few black and white images). No number of images are guaranteed as all shoots are different. If I cannot meet the minimum of 25 digital images, I will offer a re-shoot at my own discretion or an alternative that I find suits best.

Storage or Images and Data

Baby Bear Photography will keep images from a photoshoot for as long as necessary. Once images have been purchased, I will keep the images for up to a definite three months. If you would like more time to be able to purchase the images or any additional images, please let me know and I will keep the images for as long as possible. If you would like to make a special request to retain images for a longer period of time, this can be arranged with prior notice.

All your personal data (name, e-mail address, contact number and address) will be kept for 7 years for tax purposes. After this, your information can be deleted upon request.

Our Privacy Policy can be found on our website or you can click here.


Copyright of all images belongs to Baby Bear Photography at all times and in all instances. To alter any images including removing any logos without permission of Baby Bear Photography is an infringement of copyright law. This means you are not allowed to edit any images taken by Baby Bear Photography, for example adding filters and cropping. You cannot crop images that have the logo on there without permission.

Where clients wish to share any of their images taken by Baby Bear Photography on social media (such as Facebook or Instagram), they must either use the photo with the logo where provided or they must always be clearly identified as images taken by Baby Bear Photography by tagging or giving credit in captions.

Clients are welcome to tag or share their pictures on Facebook and other social media networks but the business page/website/contact details must be tagged. Alternatively, the image that has the Baby Bear Photography watermark/logo can be used without tagging (if provided).

Clients have full print release with their images, which means they are allowed to print as many times are they wish in all formats for personal use only. This does not include editing, which is prohibited.

Images that are taken by Baby Bear Photography are high-resolution images; the best result for products would be from professional labs and companies who print at high resolution. If you decide to purchase prints or products from other companies then Baby Bear Photography is not liable for the quality of the product. If you would like professional lab prints or products, please let me know.


Baby Bear Photography retains all rights to use photos for marketing purposes, advertising, leaflets, portfolios, business cards, competitions, business cards and all other business promotion. All photos taken will only be used to promote Baby Bear Photography through all necessary means, including the internet, promotional material and literature.

Images will not be passed to third parties for personal or any other commercial use.

Health and Safety

All parents are responsible for their children during the shoot, which includes helping to keep them safe whilst the session is ongoing. However, if at any point I feel that the child is unhappy, uncomfortable or unwilling to continue, I am happy to stop the session. In special circumstances, I am willing to re-arrange the session at no extra cost (e.g. if we were unable to get any photos taken, emergencies).

Please note that not all babies and children are able to do poses similar to those in previous pictures I have taken. If I feel that a pose or a picture is dangerous or uncomfortable for the little one, I will not carry it out. Your child’s safety is more important and it is the priority of any shoot.

Smoking and vaping is prohibited indoors. I am a friendly person who gives a lot of respect, which I expect in return; any rudeness, aggressive or threatening behaviour from anyone will not tolerated and I will discontinue the session without offering a refund. I believe in treating people how you would like to be treated 🙂


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Newborn, baby, cake smash and family photographer, based in Coventry, covering the Midlands, including Warickshire, Nuneton, Rugby, Kennilworth and Leamington Spa.

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