Your Cake Smash Session

Thank you for booking your little one’s Cake Smash session with Baby Bear Photography! All the relevant information that you need to know for your session will be here, including what to bring and how to prepare.


The Session

The Cake Smash (or Paint Splash) session will last around 45-60 minutes. I will start off with a couple of portrait pictures of your little one, followed by a couple of family pictures. It will be followed by the actual cake smash itself and with ‘bath time’ pictures at the end!

All decorations and props will be included. All you would need to bring is a cake, an outfit for your little one and a towel (for clean up). All of this can be coordinated with the theme that you decide to pick.

If you would like to order a cake from a baker, specifically for a cake smash, please let me know. I can direct you to a couple of bakers that I have regularly used for cake smash sessions (and yummy cup cakes!). Otherwise, mums often use cakes from supermarkets, which is completely fine and has always worked!

If you could kindly make sure that your little one has had their meal before you bring them to the photo session. Please bring plenty of water/milk/juice, along with any snacks as they will get thirsty and maybe peckish during the session!

My studio is set up in my home, so it is an informal and cosy environment! It is a pint-sized studio for pint-sized models, so I can only allow 2 adults to attend the session due to Covid-19 restrictions.

If you would like to have an outdoor session, please let me know as this option is available too (as long as the weather permits!). There will be an additional £15 charge, which would cover time and cost of travel. The areas that we would be able to cover would be within Coventry (for example, Coombe Abbey or War Memorial Park). Portrait and family shots will still be included. Splash time pictures can still be taken but without the water.

Set Ups/Themes

When choosing a set up or theme for your cake smash, please do not hesitate to share any ideas that you would like me to try and incorporate! First, we’ll choose a colour background and then we can co-ordinate from there. I am always happy and willing to try out new set up for parents, especially to suit your little one’s favourite things 🙂 Or, we can use one of the set ups that have been previously used.

Please feel free to send me screen shots of what you would like to try and we can discuss the props and colours accordingly. You can either message your list or screen shots to me via Whats App or iMessage on 07915 660 948, via Facebook inbox or e-mail them to me at

I always request for about 2-3 weeks notice on what theme you would like to go for (if possible). This is so that I can order your relevant props and decorations in on time. Where I do not have enough notice, I may not be able to guarantee that we can get all of the props/set-ups required but I will do my best!

Let me know if you would like to have an outdoor cake smash session so that we can coordinate the props and theme accordingly. For an outdoor cake smash, I would bring a couple of additional props to take some portrait pictures with (most popular is the hot air balloon shot). I will also bring along the props and decorations for the cake smash.

Please have a look here for images of set ups and props. You can also have a look on my Facebook page for more set ups. I have also blogged about some cake smashes for boys and girls, so please feel free to have a look here to have an idea of more set ups.

Alternative Ideas

You may not want to do a cake smash if your little one does not eat cake or if you have a fancy for something different. There are many other options you can go for!

A Paint Splash is a session where your little one will be given paint, brushes and a canvas on an easel, which you get to keep. These have always proven to be just as fun and an alternative to a paint splash!

If your little one is turning 2 or 3 and may be a bit old for a cake smash, I have done a Paint Splash, Fruit Smash as well as a Tea Party. I always ask parents what their little ones are in to and what it is that they will absolutely love to go wild with! I have also done a fruit and cream smash, which was different and quite fun!

All you would need to bring for these sessions are an outfit and a towel. I would need 2-3 weeks notice on what kind of props you would like to use so that I can have them ordered in on time.

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