I’m happy to say that the studio is finally open after the Covid-19 lockdown! Saying it has been hectic is an understatement, with having to cancel and reschedule a lot of shoots. Luckily, all my lovely clients have been ever so patient, understanding and pleasant about the entire situation!

Despite it being a strange, challenging and worrying time for us all, I managed to dedicate my time to my family, spending it with my kids, dog and husband in a way that we haven’t been able to in a very long time. And despite homeschooling, working from home, managing what feels like 20 meals a day, an endless clutter of toys and stepping on lego 3 times a day, we have managed to keep smiles on our faces and strawberries in our mouths!

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The One Behind the Camera!

Us mums are all photographers, whether we are professional or not. We are always behind the camera/phone from the moment our little ones come into our lives, documenting every little moment that is precious to us (which is pretty much every moment possible!). From their first, newborn smiles to their precious, first steps. And I am a sucker for taking pictures of precious moments of my daughter with other family members (dad, grand parents, aunts and uncles).

But we forget that we are the main person in our little one’s lives; we tend to bond the most, yet, we have the least amount of images (apart from the funny Snapchat filters and random, distorted selfies in the dark)!

When I have my shoots, I always try to encourage family shots (or, at least, mummy shots). Mums are always so busy thinking of everything and everyone else that they forget about themselves, the most important thing in your babies’ lives.

The most common thing that I hear from mums when I ask them for a picture is ‘no.’ Whether or not they tell me why, I understand why! Having a baby does not make you like your body; you may accept it and be proud but in front of the camera, perhaps not! And why should it! Stretch marks, scars, lumps and bumps! I feel the same but I’m slowly over coming this and trying to get into more pictures with my little one. Because I don’t want her to look back and wonder why she has 10, 000 images with Dad and only 10 with Mum.

Don’t feel ashamed of your body or how you think you may look. When your little one will look back at your pictures, they won’t be judging your looks or your body. They will only see a picture of them with their beautiful mummy and show them your love.

A tribute to the beautiful and lovely mums that I have had the pleasure of working with. You are beautiful, strong and amazing!